Function  (Aircraft less than 12,500 LBS)


Issue recurrent standard airworthiness certificates for U.S.-registered aircraft that conform to the approved design requirements and are in a condition for safe operation.


Issue recurrent standard airworthiness certificates for non-U.S. manufactured aircraft imported from countries other than the country of manufacture with which the United States has a bilateral agreement(s).


Issue recurrent/original special airworthiness certificates, in the experimental category, for the purposes of operating, market survey, research and development, and crew training on U.S.-registered aircraft.


Issue special flight permits for U.S.-registered aircraft for the purposes outlined in ยงยง 21.197(a)(1), (2), (4), and 21.197(b).


Issue recurrent export certificate of airworthiness for aircraft in accordance with part 21, subpart L.


Issue original/recurrent domestic and/or export airworthiness approvals for engines, propellers and/or articles manufactured in accordance with 14 CFR part 21.


Issue amendments/replacements for standard or special airworthiness certificates if the proper documentation can be obtained from the applicant.


FAA Form 337 Field Approval

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